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Gain More Energy from Healthier Produce

Improve your health system and gain more energy with organic, local, home-grown produce from Highland Nutrition Center. The produce we have carries more nutrients. Even better: it tastes better!


We do not have conventional items. Find only high-quality products. Let our excellent customer-focused and knowledgeable staff help you make an educated decision about what you need today!

Complete selection of organic produce

Get a wide selection of fruits and vegetables, from greens and carrots to apples and oranges. Find fresh herbs and seasonal offerings at Highland Nutrition Center. You'll never find a conventional apple in this store!

"This is my hometown hippie store ... Love this place! Great selection, great people to help you out."

- Stacy G, Yelp

Benefits of our produce:

  • Higher nutritional values

  • Free of pesticides and herbicides

  • No additives

  • Fresh organic produce - all organic, all the time

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