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Quality Health Foods, Supplements and Information

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Shop Local, Organic, and Health-Conscious with Us

Fresh Organic Produce

Treat your body right with  our wide selection of ALL  organic fruits & veggies.  Also look for  our locally grown fresh organic produce available in season!

Quality Supplements

Support your health and immune system with top-notch supplements, vitamins, and minerals!

Wholesome Groceries

Enjoy wholesome groceries - from grass-fed, local meats to organic milk, gluten-FREE and other specialty diet foods and snacks!

Safe Body & Home Care

Clean up your act with our selection of natural & organic body care products


truly ecofriendly

natural home cleaning supplies!

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To meet the needs of our  community during this time we have changed to non-contact, curbside pick up only!


Our curbside pick up service is available Monday through Saturday for select hours.


Stay current on our updated hours and services on the contact page HERE and on facebook!


Please be patient with us! This is un-charted territory for all and we are sincerely trying to fill your needs!

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